Teeny Tiny Spritz Flower Cookies

by Laura on November 11, 2010

These are my Honey Girl’s favorite Christmas cookie and the first thing I bake each season.  When my Dear Husband and I were first married, my sister-in-law Osa gave me a little Spritz press and inside the box was tucked a little printed recipe.  It’s a magical one.  The dough is supple and soft, it isn’t sensitive to temperature changes, and it couldn’t be less fussy.  You start with cold butter and a handful of pantry ingredients, so there isn’t even a need to plan ahead.  The results are a tender little butter cookie the size of a quarter, hardly sinful, with a hint of almond.  I decorate them with gumdrop dots, which is as my Honey Girl always likes them, but you could simply sprinkle them with some sparkling or colored sugar or pop a red hot on top and they would be lightning quick to make.  The gumdrops are a little bit pitzyputzy to roll, but they are awfully sweet, and because the gumdrop dots are so tiny, they don’t interfere with the delicate flavor or texture of the cookie.

Music for baking Spritz
When our Honey Girl was five or six, we made a trip to the enormous Virgin Records store in Tokyo.  She begged for this CD, Christmas with the Stars, and we bought it despite its relatively hefty price tag in yen.  It has been a favorite for years and is not at all the kind of syrupy pop-star mix the title might imply.

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