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Meyer Lemon Mascarpone Muffins

by Laura 23 March 2011
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We’ve been on a muffin tear this week.  But our Honey Girl’s Mr. Right arrives tomorrow morning from Alabama for a visit.  And since his favorite meal of the day is breakfast, she’s test driving another muffin idea we had tonight to make sure it’s perfect for an airport basket-full-of-love welcome.  As we were walking [...]

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Orange Chocolate Muffins

by Laura 20 March 2011
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My Honey Girl loves a good muffin.  Not an oil-oozing, oversized piece of pound cake in a muffin paper.  A true muffin.  Dainty.  Well flavored.   Muffin in nature with little relationship to cake.  She made these the day she arrived from college for spring break, from a recipe I improvised when she asked for one [...]

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Pearl Muffins & Winter Citrus Jelly

by Laura 12 March 2011
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I picked up my Honey Girl this morning from an early flight from Boston.  She is my pearl, my sunshine, my joy.  So it seemed fitting to make these pearl muffins and some shiny-wiggly, glowy-jiggly winter citrus jelly for her welcome-home breakfast.  I took the syrup I boiled down yesterday from the candied winter citrus [...]

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Purple Prairie Barley Muffins

by Laura 4 February 2011
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This beautiful violaceous heirloom grain caught my eye at the co-op yesterday, so I picked up a bag and decided to grind it into flour and turn it into a batch of muffins.  I think I was channeling my Honey Girl, because I improvised a baking recipe.  I took the lovely lavender flour and added [...]

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