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An Old-fashioned Minnesota Blizzard & Rich Hot Chocolate for Two

by Laura 20 February 2011
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After a taste of spring, we are in the midst of another good old-fashioned Minnesota blizzard.  I love a blizzard.  Here in Minnesota, snowfalls come and stay for the winter every year, but a real pileup, one that sends people en masse to the markets and shops the day before it’s to hit, is always [...]

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After the Blizzard

by Laura 12 December 2010
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The Arctic air moves in.  …  The sky clears.  …  The temperature drops.  …  The wind chill drops below zero.  …  Clarence, my station wagon, gets stuck in a snow bank.  …  My Dear Husband shovels.  …  The snow plow pushes eight feet of snow into a bank at the end of our driveway.  …  [...]

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First Snow

by Laura 13 November 2010
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How can you help but be a little giddy, when you wake up and this is the view from your window?  I squealed a little and Annie and I skipped around the house.  Then I put on some Christmas carols, pulled on some clothes and an apron, and started baking Lebkuchen and Pfeffernusse.  Oh how [...]

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Snow Light

by Laura 12 November 2010
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The snow light has come today to Minnesota, leaden and soft.  And it smells like snow is coming, the first of the season.  The sky is ashen, colorless; soon the long winter will be here.  I’m suddenly aware that the birds have gone.  I snapped a few pictures on the trails this morning with one [...]

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