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Purple Prairie Barley Muffins

by Laura 4 February 2011
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This beautiful violaceous heirloom grain caught my eye at the co-op yesterday, so I picked up a bag and decided to grind it into flour and turn it into a batch of muffins.  I think I was channeling my Honey Girl, because I improvised a baking recipe.  I took the lovely lavender flour and added [...]

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Emmer Wheat with Hen of the Woods

by Laura 29 January 2011
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The little co-op where I do the bulk of my shopping has had some lovely and surprising cultivated organic mushrooms lately.  Yesterday they had black trumpet and maitake, or hen of the woods.  Seeing them labeled maitake brought back sudden memories of a teacher’s room in Suita, just north of Osaka, 22 years ago and [...]

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