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Taste Memories

by Freddy 8 April 2011
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A Guest Post by our Sweet Boy My earliest memories are of my mom and I taking an ordinary trip to the Community Store for a little treat.   As we would walk in the store the owner and employees would all shout an “irashaimase” welcome.  I would shout back, and they would laugh, since irashaimase [...]

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Christmas at Home

by Freddy 20 December 2010
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A guest post by my Sweet Boy hristmas at home is a warm, happy time. My mom’s enthusiasm for elf culture kicks in around October, so by the time Halloween rolls around, the Christmas lists are complete and the baking is well on its way. Presents with no tree to be put under continue to [...]

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Laughter at Home

by Freddy 13 December 2010
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A guest post by my Sweet Boy My sister’s lilting giggle.  My mom’s dry and low laugh.  Gasping in reverse.  And weeping. My laughter, too. Occasionally someone falls off a chair. It’s my Dad.  He makes us laugh every day. My mom scolds. Wildly inappropriate. But she is laughing, too. We all are. Out of [...]

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Cooking with Mom

by Freddy 7 November 2010
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A guest post by my Sweet Boy Now remember, Freddy, my mom says, little Cs.  I plunge the whisk into the bowl.  The eggs begin to foam, their yolks diffuse.  C…C…C.  I think I’m getting the hang of this.  C…C…C.  The eggs settle.  Great job, Freddy Bear, my mom chirps.  I flash a smile of [...]

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