Cooking with Mom

by Freddy on November 7, 2010

A guest post by my Sweet Boy

Now remember, Freddy, my mom says, little Cs.  I plunge the whisk into the bowl.  The eggs begin to foam, their yolks diffuse.  C…C…C.  I think I’m getting the hang of this.  C…C…C.  The eggs settle.  Great job, Freddy Bear, my mom chirps.  I flash a smile of genuine pride.  It’s my first time cooking.

My mom is, and will always be, infatuated with cooking.  She grew up watching Julia Child.  There is a stack of cookbooks alongside her bed.  As I make my way to my bedroom after a night of studying, I peek into her room and, as always, a cookbook is in her hands, a look of fascination across her face.  With her cooking, she keeps our family close and fills our house with joy.  Every night, a meal on the table and endless laughter.  We are brought together.  It is cooking that has done this, in part.

I come home.  The house smells good.  It always smells good.  A coconut cake.  A lamb stew.  Conversation over the counter.  I ask her, What are you making tonight, Mom?  There is always an answer.

I wake up years later.  Make myself eggs.  I hear her voice.  C…C…C.  Little Cs, Freddy.  Little Cs.

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1 Austin January 30, 2011 at 8:27 am

Fantastic!! I found your site – thanks to U, Laura.
However, I did not quite realize you were the gourmet chef that U are!!

IF I have ever offered any cooking suggestions, I am indeed red in the

Regards to to all.

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