Laughter at Home

by Freddy on December 13, 2010

A guest post by my Sweet Boy

My sister’s lilting giggle.  My mom’s dry and low laugh.  Gasping in reverse.  And weeping. My laughter, too. Occasionally someone falls off a chair. It’s my Dad.  He makes us laugh every day.

My mom scolds. Wildly inappropriate. But she is laughing, too. We all are. Out of shock perhaps. Impersonations. Bits from television or movies. His own cast of characters. They appear and reappear. Over the top. In full character. A method comedian.

Guests come and they ask, is it always like this here? Do we laugh like this every night? Yes, we answer. And they look at us, sometimes with disbelief. I am sad for them. We are a family who love to laugh. We are all funny, but my dad is the star. A joke for everything. The quickest wit. Practical jokes.

One of his college classmates once spilled a pint of beer on himself when he fell for the donkey jaw joke. A classic. We all fall for it, too. We love the good jokes and the bad jokes.

My mom makes similar attempts, without success. She struggles to get through the joke, and is laughing before she gets to the end. We can appreciate her parodies of songs, though.  She’s more entertaining than funny.

My sister is funny, too. Her jokes are sinister. More mock scolding from Mom. Dad, proud. A daughter with a dark sense of humor, a British wit.

And me? I don’t know. I’m part of the scene. A bit like Mom, a bit like Dad. I suppose I’m playful.

It’s really Dad at the center. Center stage. Making us all laugh. A silly life. A happy life.

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1 Nicole July 17, 2013 at 2:24 am

I just came across your blog and I’ve completely fell in love with it. I love your writing and all of your amazing recipes, they remind me of all my great grandmothers recipes. You’ve inspired me to bake, something I’ve always enjoyed but seem to never find the time, but now I do have the time. Thank you!

- Nicole

2 Laura July 22, 2013 at 11:21 pm

Nicole, Thank you so much! I’m so touched and happy to hear that. xx

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