Sugar Cookies with Almond Cream Icing and Luster Dust

by Laura on November 15, 2010

The kitchen nisse were looking over me last night.  I was so tired while I was baking that I left six baking sheets of more than 100 sugar cookies in the oven.  Overnight.  And they were still delicious the next morning!  They needed just a couple more minutes when I last checked them, not six hours, and thankfully I had turned off the oven, though I don’t remember doing so.  Nevertheless, this happy accident produced a cookie that my Dear Husband believes to be even better than the original.  They have a shortbread texture and a nutty quality.  I still prefer the tender originals, but you can bake them either way, and if you’re sleepy, you can pop them into your oven for ten minutes, shut it off, dream happily, and wake up to toasty, delicious sugar cookie shortbread hybrids.

I make these cookies many times throughout the year in various incarnations, but for Christmas I always flavor the icing with almond extract and use Cedar Summit Farm’s inimitable cream in place of milk.  I brush them with a little luster dust for a quick and pretty touch.   This dough is a dream to work and makes rollout cookies a pleasure.

Music for baking these shortbread-like sugar cookies:
English carols seem appropriate here.  I sang with the Magdalen College choir when I was a student, and listening to their CD, Carols for a Christmas Morning sung by the Choir of Magdalen College Oxford, brings back very fond memories.  This CD, Carols from Oxford,  is similar.

    *Resources for hard-to-find ingredients here.

    *Storage tips here.

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1 Kris Jacobson November 16, 2010 at 10:16 am

I’m am adoring this website. I loved clicking on “nisse” and finding out what that meant.

2 Kris Jacobson November 16, 2010 at 10:16 am

Oh to be a mouse in your kitchen and gather the crumbs!!

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