Apple and Lingonberry Upside Down Coffee Cake

by Laura on February 21, 2012

It’s been a pallid winter.  I don’t mind.  The fog that’s wrapped the house today is lovely and soft and has lingered nearly ‘til midday.  And the mild temperatures have made everything here easier.  I can scamper out to the chicken house in my nightgown and bare feet, across the bit of dry land under the eaves of the house and around the corner, when Beatrice is squawking in the middle of the night in alarm and needs a whispered word or two to calm her.  I haven’t needed to put on a coat to tend the hens and gather eggs in the morning or to bring them vegetables in the early evening.  And it’s nice to spend a bit more time with them, though Florence shrieks if I pop my head into the coop to say ‘hello’ when she’s in her nesting box.  Little Annie, our terrier, is happy to romp and sniff in the backyard, oblivious to the hens and their antics.  And there’s been little shoveling to do and little ice to melt or remove from the walk up to the house.  It feels more like early spring than winter, really.  We get a dusting of snow every now and then, lingering for a day on branches, not enough to plow, and the temperature dips just low enough to feel like it’s a proper winter before it climbs back up and the roof begins dripping again.   I miss the snow, the bright skies that accompany deep cold.  But I can wait for another year.

I have a container of fresh lingonberries and another of crème fraiche in my refrigerator and every morning for the last week, as I spoon some plain yogurt and a spoonful of jam into a bowl for breakfast, I have felt a little niggling guilt about not putting them to good use.  So I decided to make them into a tender almond-scented coffee cake.  Warm from the oven and flipped onto a plate to reveal tart apples and lingonberries in caramelized sugar, it seems like a nice way to wake up, and my Sweet Boy is home from school today.


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1 kris jacobson February 27, 2012 at 2:50 pm

Beautiful description of our winter this year.

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