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Sugar-dipped Coconut Doughnuts

by Laura 26 January 2011
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Our Honey Girl loves doughnuts.  So on one of her last days home, we made these doughnuts together. These meet at the intersection of carnival food and slice of cake.  They are tender on the inside and moist from the flaked coconut, and their exteriors are just a touch crunchy like a good old-fashioned doughnut [...]

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Danish Hazelnut Snails (Snegler)

by Sophia 24 January 2011
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A Guest Post by my Honey Girl Every Saturday morning during high school I would wake up early to bake. I particularly liked recipes that called for the butter to be cut into the dough by hand. I loved the rhythm of the integration and the feeling of pinching those cold knobs of butter into [...]

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Butter Crumb Coffee Cake

by Laura 29 December 2010
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A few years ago, my Honey Girl and I had a conversation about the sad state of coffee cake.  Coffee cake, we mused, is one of those things that we order and bake with high hopes, but it always seems to be a disappointment.  It is either too sweet or too plain and often dry.  [...]

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Almond Danish Kugelhopf

by Laura 4 December 2010
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Making puff pastry is no picnic.  The butter has to be the same temperature as the dough.  You have to be pretty stellar with a rolling pin.  And, at least for me until I’m more practiced, it’s not always a pretty picture.  This recipe uses a fake-out puff pastry, which you make by leaving bean-sized [...]

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