Danish Hazelnut Snails (Snegler)

by Sophia on January 24, 2011

A Guest Post by my Honey Girl

Every Saturday morning during high school I would wake up early to bake. I particularly liked recipes that called for the butter to be cut into the dough by hand. I loved the rhythm of the integration and the feeling of pinching those cold knobs of butter into the yeasty dough or soft flour mixture. I would stand at the counter, my hands caked with sticky dough, usually my toes squidging together flour dust and salt– I’d always been a messy baker–and I remember feeling calm. When my hands were kneading in that bowl I felt truly relaxed, a nice respite from my academic anxiety. Eventually my parents would wander out into the kitchen, my dad usually bracing for the inevitable mess, and we would drink cups of coffee or tea while I tidied and my buttery breakfast good baked. One of my favorites to make and to eat was and is Danish hazelnut snails. Made with Danish dough with a sweet folded-in filling, the snails, speckled with hazelnuts, unfurl in the oven revealing their cinnamon innards.

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