Sugar-dipped Coconut Doughnuts

by Laura on January 26, 2011

Our Honey Girl loves doughnuts.  So on one of her last days home, we made these doughnuts together. These meet at the intersection of carnival food and slice of cake.  They are tender on the inside and moist from the flaked coconut, and their exteriors are just a touch crunchy like a good old-fashioned doughnut should be.  Their roll through a bowl of sugar makes them sweet and pretty, too.

Our Honey Girl is an adventurous baker, unlike me.  If I am the unassuming pedestrian, crossing at the corner with the light, she is our high wire-walking, trapeze-flying baker with a gift for literally tossing things into a bowl, sometimes without so much as a measuring cup, towards baking perfection.  In fact, she defies all baking logic; hot hands, recipes, guidelines, and the wisdom of bakers past be damned. We all stand back and marvel whenever she bakes—and then enjoy the delicious spoils rather greedily.  And, happily, we have finally reversed roles in the kitchen.  I am no longer her guide, there to answer questions or to toss in the baking soda (measured, of course) while she chucks in the flour with abandon.  She now leads me.  Of course we can radically alter recipes, who needs one anyway!  She is our baking whisperer, our baking savant, and we are so fortunate to have her in our kitchen, however briefly now.

I tossed out the leftover doughnuts this morning and my heart broke a little.  I knew it would be a hard transition when she left for college.  What I didn’t expect is that I would feel the weight of her leaving, of her absence, every time she left us.  We miss her so.

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1 krisannjacobson January 28, 2011 at 7:13 am

these donuts sound and look too good to be true. i love a good donut but rarely allow myself one. these look scrumptious. your writing about Honey Girl in the kitchen is beautiful. and i can really feel the heartache when she leaves.

2 Laura January 28, 2011 at 11:03 am

It’s settled, then. I’m making doughnuts next time you come for Kaffeeklatsch. (By the way, I checked and Klatsch rhymes with hatch.)

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