Orange Flower Water Pound Cake with Candied Orange Peel & Rum and Orange Liqueur Glaze

by Laura on November 19, 2010

This is definitely an egg-before-chicken recipe, but sometimes those are the most fun.  I made too much glaze for my Pfeffernusse the other day (recipe here), and it was too good to just throw away, so I decided to dream up another vehicle for its sticky yummy-ness.  I’ve been baking a lot of cookies, so a cake seemed appealing.  And I spied a little bit of leftover candied orange peel in my pantry, another Christmas baking leftover I didn’t want to let go to waste.  So I chopped it up, and stirred it into a pound cake batter with a glug of orange flower water for good measure.  Then I poked holes throughout the finished cakes with a toothpick, and drenched them in the glaze.  The pound cakes are fragrant, tender, and a little heady with the grownup flavors of the orange flower water, candied peel, and alcohol.

Since I was in an experimenting mood, I thought I would try making pound cake with a truly old fashioned idea:  a pound of flour, a pound of sugar, a pound of eggs, and a pound of butter.  Use a digital kitchen scale to weigh each of your ingredients.  Without a leavening agent, this batter requires a long beat at high speed, perhaps five to ten minutes depending on your mixer, so be patient with it.  It’s worth the wait!

Music for this baking pound cake
Diana Krall’s equally heady The Look of Love is a nice listen.

Serving Suggestions
This cake is delicious plain, but if you’d like to gild the lily, drizzle it with a little raw honey.  It would make a yummy breakfast toasted and smeared with good butter and a pinch of salt.

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