An Old-fashioned Minnesota Blizzard & Rich Hot Chocolate for Two

by Laura on February 20, 2011

After a taste of spring, we are in the midst of another good old-fashioned Minnesota blizzard.  I love a blizzard.  Here in Minnesota, snowfalls come and stay for the winter every year, but a real pileup, one that sends people en masse to the markets and shops the day before it’s to hit, is always exciting.

When we lived in the city and our Honey Girl and Sweet Boy were little pips, we had a blizzard tradition.  We would haul out a little wooden sleigh, pile on the snow clothes—the hats and mittens and scarves and coats and snow pants and wooly socks and boots—and I would pull them to our neighborhood ice cream shop for a blizzard ice cream cone.  We’d clear the snow from our eyelashes and wipe our noses and brush off and warm up a little bit while we licked our cones and watched the snow, fierce or gentle, bring down a hazy blanket of white.  Then I’d pull them home and we’d make hot chocolate to warm up.  It was a triple treat, all that snow and ice cream and hot chocolate.  It was fun for me to celebrate like a kid again.  We often wondered why the faithful people at the Grand Ole Creamery were open in the winter, let alone during a blizzard; we always seemed to be the only customers on those days.  But we were thrilled they were.  We don’t live in the neighborhood anymore, but whenever we have a blizzard, I think about pulling my little ones on that sleigh over for another cone.  Now I just make an extra yummy mug of hot chocolate: one for me and one for my Sweet Boy, since our Honey Girl is away at college.  We toast to winter and watch the snow blur and soften the world outside again.The hazy blue light of the blizzard is so lovely.

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1 Waynell Hoberer November 11, 2013 at 10:54 pm

I din’t have a Website but I just ran across your recipe for Clotted cream and scones and Tea and I really enjoyed reading your blog. I don’t know how I will remember how to get back to it though.Maybe you can tell me so I don’t miss a thing. I live in Texas on the Red River and enjoy recipes alot. I am Livin and Lovin It on Pinterest.Drop by and sit a spell with my Recipes. Waynell PS I am a female in case the name made you wonder. I was a made up name from my Dad, Wayne.

2 Laura November 12, 2013 at 6:59 am

Thank you! You can subscribe to the blog by clicking the link in the right hand column. Best wishes.

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