Tangerine-scented Cranberry Pistachio Tiles

by Laura on December 8, 2010

The whole house smells of tangerines this morning.  When my Dear Husband staggered into the kitchen in his bathrobe for a first cup of coffee, his eyes widened and he asked me how I’d managed to make the house smell so good so early.  I had gotten up before the sun to bake, and the fragrance of these tangerine-laced cookies had perfumed the air.  Even before I started baking, I could smell the dough through its cellophane in the refrigerator.  I adapted this recipe from the December, 2006 issue of Gourmet magazine, swapping tangerine zest for the teaspoon of orange zest, dramatically increasing the quantity of the zest and of the fruit, and omitting the cinnamon called for to highlight the bright flavors of tangerine and cranberry in the cookie.  I added a couple of eggs and made a few other tweaks, too.  They have a sandy texture, a little crunch from the sparkling sugar they’re rolled in and from the pistachios, and they’re fragrant and tart from the cranberries and tangerine zest.  They’re rather Christmas-y, too, with their red and green color palette.  This recipe makes about eight dozen cookies, but they are rather Lilliputian, and quick to slice and bake.   Eat the ragged ends you trim and bake for breakfast, and pack away the beauties to enjoy at Christmas.

This recipe is part of the Cookie Baking and Candy Making Plan for Christmas 2010 (here).

Storage tips here.

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