by Laura on February 2, 2011

When my Honey Girl was home for her long winter break, we went to Rustica, our favorite bakery in Minneapolis. If you’re ever in Minnesota, it’s a must-stop, the kind of place that makes you wake up, shake a bit, and utter your equivalent of Jenkies. This is a bakery with some serious magic; the pastry is so good that it could stand toe to toe with many Parisian pâtisseries. I have some vivid taste memories from a trip to Paris last spring, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating. I was at Rustica again tonight, without her and missing her, and remembering the bostock we shared the last time we were there. Since it was a Tuesday, the day they make loaves of brioche, I decided to buy one and to recreate bostock at home. A little chat with the counter girl revealed that Rustica soaks slices of stale brioche in a simple syrup flavored with orange flower water and bakes them, then tops them with frangipane and bakes them a second time. The bostock my Honey Girl and I had was quite dry, in fact it was dry all the way through, drier than a homemade biscotti. We loved dunking it into our coffees, but we mused together that if we ever made our own version at home, we would soak, top, and bake just once in the hopes of a creamy-on-the-inside-toasty-on-the-outside bostock. Straight from the oven this morning, oh my goodness it’s good.  The interior is almost custardy and it’s faintly perfumed by the orange flower water and vanilla bean.  The golden frangipane is rich.  And the brioche, well, what toasts better than butter-rich brioche? Here is my version. I only wish my Honey Girl were here to share it with me.

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1 krisannjacobson February 3, 2011 at 7:58 am

How fun to click on “jenkies.”
I’ve never tasted something like this.
Looks delicious.
Also, I still haven’t been to Rustica. Heading there in near future!

2 Joyce July 25, 2011 at 11:51 pm

I was browsing through your recipes and clicking the ones which I had no clue how to pronounce or what they were. I imagined bostock to be along the lines a hearty, beef stew, but this is way lovelier!
I’m in Georgia at the moment, and it’s way to warm (in my books) to make this for breakfast, but I absolutely cannot wait until fall when I’m back in New York again to give this a try.

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