Swedish Rice Pudding with Spiced Sour Cherry Compote

by Laura on January 1, 2011

In the Scandinavian countries, it’s traditional to place a single whole almond in the rice pudding served at Christmastime.  Whoever finds it receives good luck for the year and a marzipan pig, a yuletide symbol of this good fortune.  We usually make this rice pudding for Christmas, but seeing as we’ll be eating it on New Year’s Eve this year, it seems fitting to present the pig as a hogmanay.

Swedish rice pudding differs from other rice puddings in its heightened creaminess and richness.  I cook two eggs with additional sugar into the pudding and fold two cups of whipped heavy cream into the chilled rice pudding.  It’s pretty heavenly, with or without the sour cherry compote.

This recipe is part of a winter menu (here).

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