Beef Brisket

by Laura on December 20, 2010

Our Honey Girl is home from college!   And since she is a consummate carnivore and lover of all things beef, I made a beef brisket for one of her first dinners home.  When she and our Sweet Boy were little, they took a turn cooking with me one night a week and planned menus.  After a particularly enthusiastic week of cooking during which she planned seven nights of beef—meatloaf, braciole, beef brisket, beef stew, steaks, beef stroganoff, and shepherd’s pie made with…beef—we decided to give her a week or two off!   They were all delicious dinners, and she was in heaven, but the rest of us were feeling, well, like we might start mooing if we ate any more beef.  Whenever she comes home now, though, I cook some of her favorites, and we all enjoy a bit of a beef festival.

I don’t know why more people don’t cook brisket.  At my favorite market they have recently stopped carrying corn-fed brisket, and I’m a little heartbroken over it, partly because I have to make a trip for it now to the fancy schmancy grocery store across town where it is twice as expensive, but also because it is a sign that its popularity is waning.  It is a delicious cut, rather inexpensive, and a snap to make.  After browning, it braises in the oven until it is fork tender, and it doesn’t even need an occasional prod.  It’s practically a one-pot dinner, and I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love brisket.  Make it.

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