Salted Peanut White Chocolate Lollipops

by Laura on December 12, 2010

These sweet lollipops are so easy to make it’s a little silly.  You pipe melted chocolate into molds, pop in a stick, and, well, that’s it!  Last year I made them with dark chocolate flavored with mint extract.  This year I decided to try white chocolate with chopped salted peanuts.  I think white chocolate deserves a comeback.  It’s a little too sweet for me on its own, but with the salty crunch of peanuts, it’s pretty darn good.  These lollipops are something akin to white chocolate-dipped pretzels from a flavor standpoint, but so much better with all their creamy white chocolate.  They’re a cute, kiddie candy bar on a stick.  Of course, if you don’t want to fuss with lollipops, you can simply pour the chocolate onto a sheet of parchment, sprinkle it generously with whole peanuts, and break it into bark when it has set.

Music for making chocolate lollipops
A Charlie Brown Christmas

This recipe is part of the Cookie Baking and Candy Making Plan for Christmas 2010 (here).

    Resources for lollipop supplies here.

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1 Sophia December 13, 2010 at 1:33 pm

What a wonderful gift idea!

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