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Chocolate Fudge with Walnuts

by Laura 24 November 2010
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I have it in my head that I like fudge.  I mean, shouldn’t I like fudge?  So when we are traveling and I see a fudge shop, we usually pop in and buy a little slab or two.  I’m inevitably disappointed.  All the fudge I’ve tasted is grainy, overly sweet, and has the texture of [...]

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Chocolate-dipped Lebkuchen

by Laura 16 November 2010
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My Honey Girl is a sculptor, and when she was younger she made busts of culinary heroes for me.  An animated, joyful Julia Child sits on my crowded cookbook cases across from a serene looking Marion Cunningham.  If she ever offers to make another, Duluth, Minnesota native Beatrice Ojakangas will be next on the shelf. [...]

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